Dr Scientist

State-of-the-art pedal effects that take your tone on an adventure

Welcome to Dr. Scientist Sounds! We make powerful effect pedals in small packages designed to ignite your creativity and inspire sonic exploration.

Dr. Scientist pedals are sold through many fantastic dealers worldwide. Find the closest one to you on our Stores page.


Versatile digital ring modulator with 3 unique operating modes!


Sunny Day Delay

The return of retro repeats!



Analog, resonant low pass filter with 3 versatile operating modes!


BitQuest pedal


8 fun and cool digital effects in 1 fun and cool box!


Frazz Dazzler pedal

Frazz Dazzler

An aggressive, cutting, dual-channel fuzz with a versatile EQ!


The Elements

An extra wide range equalizer, overdrive, and high gain distortion in 1 box!



A powerful clean boost and a dynamic display in a tiny package!